Seasonal Tuneup

How to prevent your HVAC from not working properly

HVAC not working properly

Most homeowners only notice there HVAC system when it is not working. Just like your car it does need routine maintenance. As one can see from the above picture ;there is a broken component. One of the most failed components on an HVAC system. When a seasonal tuneup is performed on a regular schedule weak or failed components will be repaired or replaced.

A HVAC Repair Is Needed

Typically an HVAC Repair is needed in everyone's busy season. After calling and getting an appointment; take a moment to turn off the Air Conditioner. Most thermostats will have a fan selector switch; this allows the fan to be placed in a constant on position or off position. During the summer this switch should be placed in the ,”On”, position. This will allow your Air Conditioner to thaw out. Some Air Conditioner failures will cause the indoor coil to become a large ice cube,”Freezing Up.” If there is a failure in the winter. The best action is to turn the heater ,”Off.”

A HVAC Repair Is Not Needed

This is the best kind of scenario. The HVAC System has been properly maintained and the chances for a repair have been reduced.

It’s Time To Call An HVAC Company

No Cold Air

No, cold air can happen at anytime. Typically a cost effective repair will get you the desired temperature in your house. Majority of the repairs can be prevented by having a Seasonal Tuneup performed in the spring and fall. The home has to do there part in maintaining there unit. One way that this can be done; is to change your quality air filter on a regular basis. A trained professional can help you determine that desired cycle.

Strange Smells

Strange smells come from your hvac system is typically not a desired thing. The most common problem for is that the ducting has not been cleaned out and biological items are in your ducting. Some smells can be removed via a duct cleaning, indoor air quality machine, or be found via a seasonal tuneup.

Weak Output

This can stem from an hvac system not being cleaned annually or from an air filter not being changed on a regular basis. The most severe case would be from the hvac system not being correctly installed. A seasonal tuneup could help to fix the first two problems. The second could be a bit more complicated to fix.


Moisture in the wrong location could be a problem. This could lead to a biological problem in your hvac system. When moisture has allowed biologicals to grow a side affect could be insomnia, nasal drip and or a strong odor coming from your hvac system.

Unusually high energy bill

Having a high energy bill is almost expected during a hot summer. There are ways to help prevent this. A properly sized system will help to insure that you are generating the correct amount of heating or cooling. An improperly maintained system could be a factor in a high energy bill.